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Screencaps Courtesy of Callumkeithrennie.net

The following is a list of gen, slash, and multimedia fanzines featuring Ray Vecchio and Benton Fraser from Due South. For fanzines featuring Ray Kowalski go here

If you have any suggestions or additions for fanzines or stories in zines please submit the name of the zine, the editor, contact info and/or web page, along with a brief description to: Morgan Dawn. If you are submitting contact information  that has not already been posted on a web, please indicate whether you have the editor's permission to post the details on the Internet. 




*Slash zines are adult oriented amateur written fan fiction featuring same sex relationships. By clicking on a slash link, you are certifying you are above the age of majority in your country.  Disclaimers: Due South belongs to its respective copyright holders. All zines listed on this site are not-for-profit fan creations. No copyright infringement is intended. All publishers, writers and artists listed on this site retain their own copyrights and any other rights to their merchandise. This is a collection of fanzines listed on the Internet that is provided as a courtesy and we do not take any responsibility for any dealings with buyers, sellers, publishers, or contributors. You are responsible for all transactions. Updated: 06/23/09

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