A BLAKE'S 7 Novel by Sondra Sweigman.

Color cover by Lucia Casarella Moore.


At the crucial moment, Avon chose not to fire those three fateful shots in the tracking gallery.  Now he and Blake, along with the rest of Scorpio's crew and Deva, are in hiding from the Federation on Gauda Prime. Will they find a way off the planet before Servalan closes in on them?  And what will become of their reconciliation when they stumble upon vital information concerning the Federation's Drug Pacification Programme and disagree vehemently over what to do about it?


A Post Gauda Prime gen novel of danger and suspense, emphasizing the issues of conflict, loyalty and trust which perenially plague the ambivalent bond between Avon and Blake.


$15.00 Media Mail; $18.00 Priority Mail; $21.00 Canada; $26.00 Europe; $27.00 Pacific. 



A BLAKE'S 7 novel by Sondra Sweigman. 

Sequel to "Beloved Adversary".

Color cover by Lucia Casarella Moore.


Safely away from Gauda Prime, Blake and his rebels have established a hidden base on the plant Ryanec, heart of the Federation's Pylene-50 manufacturing program. Blake has concocted a daring scheme to infiltrate the complex where the drug is being processed and deal the entire Pacification Program a lethal blow, but unanticipated obstacles seem destined to thwart his plans, and once again the ever-changing ratio between trust and hostility in his relationship with Avon holds the key to determining the final outcome...  Includes a frank look at the terrible choices which those who take up arms in freedom's cause are sometimes forced to face.


$17.00 Media Mail; $20.00 Priority Mail; $23.00 Canada; $28.00 Europe; $29.00 Pacific.


 CHECKERS: (Adult Het)

A BLAKE'S 7 novel by Pat Patera.

Color cover by Lucia Casarella Moore.

A full 5th season Blake's 7 novel with everything. Post Gauda Prime.


A deadly rivalry between Jenna and Avon may destroy Blake and the Rebellion forever.


Suddenly realizing that he lay alone and unprotected, Avon scrambled to his knees, peering through the blowing smoke, over the ruin of fallen bodies, searching for Blake. He spotted a familiar shape, leaning one shoulder up against the wall, as if suddenly weary.


Avon dodged over to him, furious at being left behind, furious at the senselessly heroic chance his friend had just taken, furious over the whole messy affair. "They're all dead, Blake! All of them!" he cried, dangerously near hysteria. "Your senseless charge got all of them killed!  Are you satisfied now?  Or do you want us both dead, too?"


This zine does contain adult situations; but no graphic portrayals, no slash.  Rating:  PG.


$16.00 Media Mail, $19.00 Priority Mail, $22.00 Canada, $27.00 Europe, $28.00 Pacific




PRIVATE TIME AND FEVERS by Nova: (Years after Gauda Prime, Blake embarks on a mission to buy arms, and discovers the identity of the company director - Kerr Avon.) 

HALF A LOAF by Linda Norman – (Blake knelt now on the wet ground, held at bay by Avon's wounded, angry stare. Two alpha males locked in silent combat, with love and hate and rage shimmering between them.  This story is set five years before Cygnus Alpha...);

OUTLAWS AND IN-LAWS by Nova - (An A/U that peels off after "The Web".  Avon meets Blake's parents - ardent revolutionaries who perhaps aren't revolutionary enough when it comes to their son's personal relationships.  Then Avon returns the favor, introducing Blake to his father - the man who presided over the destruction of the Freedom Party.) 



GROUNDHOG LAY by Predatrix (Avon is caught in a temporal vortex, forced to repeat the same day over and over again until he "gets it right"….);

PLAYTIME by Julia Stamford (The Liberator crew gets Avon a birthday present);

STRICT PROTEIN DIET by Predatrix (Some mutoids are programmed just for sex);

AS EASY AS FALLING OFF A BIKE and HOT TUB by Helen Patrick (even rebels need relaxation);

SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS by Predatrix and Helen Patrick (Avon shows up in Blake’s bedroom for more than conversation);

THREE'S A CROWD by Julia Stamford (Avon, Blake...and Zen???);

STUFF AND NONSENSE, OR L'AUSTEN SPACE and PERSUASION by Executrix (a Jane Austen pastiche);

NIGHT BLAKE, DAY BLAKE by Amethyst Lane (Avon and Blake have to prepare for a mission to a hedonistic planet);

BLACK LEATHER ROSE by Julia Stamford (Blake's gift to Avon has long-lasting implications);

THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN by Willa Shakespeare, The Bawd of Avon (even the afterlife is no match for a determined rebel);

THINGS WE SAID TODAY by Hafren (Can honesty build trust?)

Art by Val Westall, photo art by Pat Fenech


$22.00 Media Mail; $25.00 Priority Mail; $28.00 Canada; $33.00 Europe; $34.00 Pacific 




PRIVATE, A DANGEROUS CONCEPT by Nova (A captive Avon is held in near-sensory deprivation conditions.  To save his sanity, he invents a fantasy world... and creates the perfect lover);

MASTERY by Willa Shakespeare (Avon must face the unpalatable prospect that he, too, has been mind-wiped, and that he and Blake shared a very complicated relationship prior to the London...);

TOUCHING LIFE by Vanessa Mullen (On the eve of Avon's marriage to Servalon and the attainment of all his dreams of wealth and power, he goes for a drink in a Delta bar... and is forced to face his past, and future...);

A FRIEND IN NEED... by Julia Stamford; ...

IS A FRIEND INDEED by Julia Stamford;


WINDOW SHOPPING by Helen Patrick;

TO THE VICTOR by Amethyst Lane;


"HOSTAGE" SITUATIONS by Belatrix Carter;

NONE SO BLIND by Carrie Vonne;

DESIRE by Linda Norman;

DESIRE by Ravenschild;

THE I-LAB OF DR. MORO by Willa Shakespeare;

MIDNIGHT BLUE by Linda Norman;



Art by Val Westall


$22.00 Media Mail; $25.00 Priority Mail; $28.00 Canada; $33.00 Europe; $34.00 Pacific




*BLOOD TIES by Willa Shakespeare (a Post‑Gauda Prime vampire story.) 

*SECRETS by Linda Norman (Blake discovers that Avon has had a sexual encounter with another rebel leader).

*THE QUICK AND THE DEAD by Linda Norman  (On a doomed planet, Blake and Avon share a brief and haunting encounter.) 

*STRIPPING THE SCALES and TOOL KIT by Julia Stamford (Avon and Blake discover a shared fondness for a certain kind of fun and games.)

*AN INFALLIBLE CURE by Calico  (Blake.  Avon.  A spy mission and close confinement in a closet...) 

*THE FORGOTTEN ONE by "Serious Moonlight"  (Blake's nightmares force Avon to confront his own feelings...)


$22.00 Media Mail; $25.00 Priority Mail; $28.00 Canada; $33.00 Europe; $34.00 Pacific




*CLONEMASTER by Pat Terra.  Avon feels the mission to rescue the clone Blake and his companion Rachel is yet one more trap. What he doesn't calculate is the profound effect the Blake clone will have on him personally... 

*DEBTS by Susan Cutter. Blake agrees to any sort of scene Avon desires.  But guilt and pain sometimes demand unexpected types of expiation... 

*ECHOES OF BETRAYAL by Susan Riaz.  Kerr Avon, busy with work on the Aquitar Project, has no interest in the activities of the Freedom Party ‑ until the day the leader  of the Freedom Party makes an unexpected visit... 

*IN WAY OF FAREWELL by Pat Jacquerie.  In an elegant hotel, in an idyll away from the Liberator, Blake and Avon deal with the subtleties and complexities of their feelings towards each other. 

*THE HONEST MAN by Bryn Lantry. Post the Andromedan War, Blake suddenly encounters a much‑changed Avon in a POW camp...

*OUTWITTED by Willa Shakespeare.  Post Gauda Prime.  Servalan is determined to force Avon to recreate the technology of the Liberator and Scorpio, and uses Blake as hostage against any rebellion by Avon.  An excellent plan ‑ except that Avon is indifferent to the fate of the hostage... 

*"Divide and Conquer" or "Plan 9 from Andromeda" by Willa Shakespeare. In the wild escape from Star One, the Liberator crew is rescued ‑ by an Andromedan ship, heading home ‑ a trip which will take approximately 1,485 years.  Naturally, the Andromedans are interested in their "specimens" ‑ particularly their reproductive habits...


Additional stories by Aurora, Catherine, Gene Delapenia, Vanessa Mullen, Judith Proctor, and Leah Starsky.  Poetry by Predatrix and Khylara.  Art by Val Westall.


$22.00 Media Mail; $25.00 Priority Mail; $28.00 Canada; $33.00 Europe; $34.00 Pacific




What if Blake can't forgive Gauda Prime?... Ensor's son provokes a decisive confrontation between Blake and Avon... Blake defeats the Federation - and loses Avon... Blake is still on Terminal, on full life support - and Avon is his keeper... Can Avon love Blake's clone?... Avon picks up a very special slave on Domo - Blake, who he hasn't seen since Star One... A planetary ruler expects to sleep with all his guests...  


Authors:  Pat Terra, Gemini, Riley Cannon, Willa Shakespeare, Robin Hood, Gloria Lancaster, R. Olivia Brown, Leah Starsky, Tara, Kate Deery, Vanessa Mullen, Khylara, Irish, JMR, Catherine and Natasha Solten.  Cover by Phoenix.


$17.00 Media Mail; $20.00 Priority Mail; $23.00 Canada; $28.00 Europe; $29.00 Pacific.




TO HELL AMONG THE ROGUES by Bryn Lantry.  A post-Gauda Prime story. 

PLANETFALL by Pat Terra.  Carnell meets Blake and Avon separately on a neutral planet, and just can't resist sowing more seeds of suspicion. 

MAD, BAD, AND DANGEROUS TO KNOW by S. Lewis.  Avon kidnaps Blake from the Liberator in an attempt to forestall the tragedy of Star One. 


Additional stories by Sebastian, Thomas, Ann Wortham, Adrian Morgan, and Pat Terra.  Art by Gayle Feyrer and Phoenix.


$16.00 Media Mail, $19.00 Priority Mail, $22.00 Canada, $27.00 Europe, $28.00 Pacific




1991 Fan Q Winner!  All Avon/Blake stories.  Contributors include Melody Clark, Sylvia Knight, Bryn Lantry, Pam Rose, more.


$21.00 Media Mail, $24.00 Priority Mail; $27.00 Canada; $32.00 Europe; $33.00 Pacific 



NO HOLDS BARRED 26:  A Blake’s Seven Slash Fanzine


VIRTUAL by Manna and Donna (Avon/Original Character)

PRIVATE A sexually charged game of wits between Avon and Toreth, a Federation psychomanipulator);

VISITATION RIGHTS by Amethyst Lane (Blake/Roj; Blake/Roj/Rashel; also, briefly - Blake/Jenna; Roj/Travis non-con):  (Blake's visit to the world where his clone lives brings unexpected consequences.);

A SPANKING NEW TOY by Helen Patrick (Avon/Gan): (Avon finds he unexpectedly shares certain of Gan's tastes...); BACKSLASH by Willa Shakespeare (just about everything you can imagine): (This story starts with "Avon! Come here, I need you!" and then proceeds in all manner of unexpected directions.);

AND BESIDES THE MAN IS DEAD by Helen Patrick (Blake/Bellfriar): (When Bellfriar encounters Blake, he realizes the rebel has no memory of their previous acquaintance.);

BULKHEADS by Oliver Klosov (Tarrant/Vila): (Tarrant, recovering from a wound, finds unexpected help on his return to health.);

CONTROL by Linda Norman (Avon/Dorian): (Dorian's sadistic games have long since passed any point of return...);

SARACEN EXILE by Jade Day (Blake/original character): (Ex-President Blake finds his only consolation in the arms of someone most unexpected.);

BEFORE AND AFTER by Nova (Vila/Deva): (When the worst has occurred, what happens to those left behind?);

HEARTLANDS by Hafren (Avon/Vila): (They both survived Gauda Prime, but how much is left intact?);

ROADMAPS LIKE SHATTERED LIGHTNING by Rosamund Clifford (Avon/Vila): (Avon flees Gauda Prime, the bodies of his crew left behind. Left alone, going mad, he conceives of a daring plan...);

TAR(R)ANTELLA and DANCING WITH DEATH by Jade Day (Tarrant/Blake): (Two rebels find unexpected comfort.);

HEIROGLYPHICS by Willa Shakespeare (Blake/Avon/Dayna) (PGP.  (Dayna) turned away from Blake. The only family she had left were prisoners of Blake's people, she had to remember that. She found herself glancing back at him, observing the rise and fall of his broad chest, the way the light picked out his wayward curls. Well, there wasn't anything else to capture her attention, was there? Besides, she ought to be studying Blake. He was the only one who could help her friends. To save Avon and Tarrant and Soolin and even Vila, she'd befriend the devil if she had to.)


$22.00 Media Mail; $25.00 Priority Mail; $28.00 Canada; $33.00 Europe; $34.00 Pacific  


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