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A Team/Slash & Gen


Beauty & the Beast/Gen


Blake's 7/Slash, Gen & Het


Dark Shadows/Het & Gen


Due South/Slash & Gen




Garrison's Gorillas/Slash




Holmes & Watson/Slash


Horatio Hornblower/Slash


Lord of The Rings/Slash



Slash - stories depicting same sex relationships. You must be of the age of majority in your country; age statement will be required.

Gen - suitable for all audiences. 

Het - contains adult heterosexual material (ex. would get an R rating).



Magnificent 7/Gen


Miami Vice/Gen




MUNCLE (Man From Uncle)/ Slash


The Professionals/Slash


Phantom of the Opera/Gen


Quantum Leap/Slash  


The Sentinel/Slash




Star Trek: The Original Series/Slash


Star Trek: Deep Space 9/Slash


Star Wars: Original Series/Slash


V (The TV Series)/Gen


Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea/Slash





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