An AU Bodie/Doyle novel by Amber Skye.             

Cover by TACS. 


On assignment in Ireland, Bodie spends one night in a bombed-out monastery, where he finds a hidden trove of paintings.  Years later, still haunted by the image of a young man in one of those paintings, he returns in hopes of finding the painting.  Instead, he finds an art dealer named Raymond Doyle, a man very much of this time and place.  And yet Doyle, too, has a connection to that monastery, and to a tale of two lovers from the 15th century.  And the reflections and traces of these lovers may well overshadow what lies in the present...

Warm, romantic and haunting, this novel was inspired by the film "Portrait of Jenny".


$12.00 Media Mail; $15.00 Priority Mail; $18.00 Canada; $23.00 Europe; $24.00 Pacific




FeaturesTHE STING by Elspeth Leigh (Ray Duncan, famous and temperamental photographer, meets SAS officer Bodie.);

 DEMONS OF THE PAST by Shorts (Bodie's past endangers his life.);

SAFETY by The Hag (Intense!  Don't read if even the concept of nonconsensual sex bothers you.  Has appeared on the internet.);


PRIVATE  - A medieval AU. Poetry by Joana Dey

PLUS: WILD OATS a novella by Lois Welling - This complex story spans several decades. Bodie and Doyle learn a great deal more about each other, and what they discover about the past has implications for the present.


$12.00 Media Mail; $15.00 Priority Mail; $18.00 Canada; $23.00 Europe; $24.00 Pacific



A Child's Game By Joana Dey (Halfway down the walk, Patty let go with one final salvo. "It's easy to see which of you's the Bottom!" . . .Doyle stopped, then, when he noticed the warning glint in Bodie's eye as the other man looked back at him...)

GETTING IT by Maiden Wyoming (post Dead Reckoning)  (He woke sometime in the dead of night. Still on the sofa, he noted that all the lights were off. They'd been on when he'd fallen asleep. Someone else was in the flat with him. Moonlight streamed in through a window and illuminated the intruder who sat in the easy chair opposite the sofa. Ray's gay books were stacked on the floor beside him. . . Even in the deceiving moonlight, Bodie looked rough, whisker‑stubbled and rumpled as if he hadn't shaved, changed clothes or even bathed for days.);

SAME TIME NEXT MONTH By Elessar (About ready to give up, get some dinner, and have a go later on in the evening, he was brought up short when a well‑built, dark‑haired man walked in and paused to survey the pub's clientele. Oh yeah, Ray smiled to himself, Fill `er up over here, sunshine. He leaned back, his elbows propped up on the bar, putting his best assets on display, then ran his tongue over his upper lip. Right in the middle of moistening his lip, tall dark and gorgeous met his gaze. They traded smiles and Ray felt an ache of longing in his arse. Night's not going to be wasted after all, he thought as tall dark and butch approached him.); Something About Trust by Meridian (      "I can't believe this!" Ray shouted, his face flushed red with anger.  "How could you do this to me twice?" . . ."Ray?  What are you about?  Do what to you?"  Bewildered and confused, Bodie's mind reeled.  What had he done now?  He really couldn't remember doing anything to annoy Ray, at least not in the last couple of hours. );

Plus NO SUCH THING AS AN EASY OP by Anne Higgins, YOU NEEDED ME by Cassidy Collins and more.


$12.00 Media Mail; $15.00 Priority Mail; $18.00 Canada; $23.00 Europe; $24.00 Pacific



INCLUDES NEXT TIME by Irish - (Bodie, undercover as an "escort" at a fancy party, piques the interest of Detective Constable Raymond Doyle....);

HUNTER'S MOON by Rosamund Clifford - (On assignment in the countryside, Bodie has a most unexpected encounter...)

FOREVER SINCE NOW by Danajeanne Norris -  (Bodie and Doyle investigate a series of gory murders, while discovering truths about themselves...);

WATCHING HIS MOUTH and ON STAND-BY by Georgina Kirrin - ( Love, longing, and despair...);

AT THE END, THERE IS ONLY US by Ruby - (An unexpected encounter with a key person from Bodie's past...);

ALONE IN THE WILDERNESS by Elessar - (Chief Constable Alan Cade meets a mysterious writer...);

TWIST OF FATE by Dee - (After disaster, what is left?  A unique and rivetting AU).  Poetry by Jude, James Kythe Walkswithwind, and Danajeanne Norris.


$21.00 Media Mail; $24.00 Priority Mail; $27.00 Canada; $32.00 Europe; $33.00 Pacific



Includes: TORCH SONG by Courtney Gray  (On an undercover assignment, Bodie finds danger, intrigue, and a Ray Doyle he had never expected to meet again. An alternate universe story.);

ON GUARD by Gloria Lancaster - (A young, idealistic Ray Doyle takes part in a charity mission in Africa - and is rescued from disaster by a mysterious soldier...);

A LITTLE B&D by Ruby - (A pair of handcuffs and Bodie's twisted sense of humor wreak havoc.). CI5, AU's and crossovers, humor and angst; NHB # 10 has some of everything! 

Other stories include:  "Runagate" by Jane Mailander (a post‑"Fugitive" story); "You Dancing? You Asking?" by Gloria Lancaster (Bodie gleefully volunteers to teach Doyle how to dance); "Somewhere There's Heaven" by Gloria Lancaster (crossover with ""The Chief"); "Harlequin, Harlequin" by Kitty Fisher (a Zax story), and "Harlot Street" by Joan Enright (crossover with "Jack the Ripper").  Cover by Marilyn Cole.


$17.00 Media Mail; $20.00 Priority Mail; $23.00 Canada; $28.00 Europe; $29.00 Pacific



Includes: TELLING MARGE by Kate Maclean -

            "Could say 'm goin' with a nurse. On shifts." he added optimistically.

            Bodie gave him a disbelieving stare. "You must be joking. You only dumped her last month... Anyway..." he went on, seeing Doyle's mouth open to protest, "...Marge'd chew her up and spit her out. She'd roll over anyone to get at you." And Doyle could hardly deny that.

            He began to chew energetically on his lip, fidgeting in his seat, and then, he just seemed to go still. Bodie watched him warily out of the corner of his eye. Doyle's face had taken on that serene concentrated look that he got sometimes when he was working out a serious plan, and Bodie decided it would be prudent to stay quiet until Ray let him know what he was hatching. Could be a devious little sod at times, Bodie thought distantly. Put nothing past him.

            "Could tell her 'm gay," Doyle said consideringly, and Bodie found he could still be totally astonished by his partner after all. He could think of nothing at all to say.

ALSO:  LOVE IS WEALTH by Gloria Lancaster - (Krivas kidnaps and rapes Bodie, leaving him and Doyle to deal with the consequences.); DREAMS OF REALITY by Too Loose - (A story of lost love and reincarnation.); and stories by Melanie Athene, Rachel Duncan, Joan Enright, Kitty Fisher, D.V.S., Ruby. Cover by Phoenix.  Additional art by:  Baravan, Karen Eaton, Anja Gruber, Cat, Sebastian Shaw.


$19.00 Media Mail; $22.00 Priority Mail; $25.00 Canada; $30.00 Europe; $31.00 Pacific



Includes: THE CHAMELEON'S DISH by Kitty Fisher - (Well remembered hands took firm hold, and unable to protest he was bundled into the the car. As vision dimmed Doyle finally became aware that Bodie had drugged him. He looked up at the face hovering so close, and his last conscious thought was to wonder why it had never occurred to him before, that Bodie's eyebrow made him look like the devil.);

FLASH POINT by HG - Doyle stared blindly at the ceiling as he tried to subdue a growing sense of loss for something which had never been his. The worst part was the confusion: not that he had let himself be submerged, but that he had allowed Bodie to walk out on him afterwards. No‑one controls Bodie but Bodie. He goes his own way. It was my mistake to think we had the same destination in mind.);

BODIE'S LETTER by Ellis Ward - (Doyle closed his eyes. Ten years.Images, long repressed but never eradicated, washed over him. Partners, friends, bedmates. They had been everything to each other ten years ago‑‑nine years and eight months ago, to be exact... )

Also includes stories by Rachel Duncan, Joan Enright, Robbie, Ruby and art by Baravan, Karen Eaton, Sebastian Shaw. COLOR COVER by Marilyn Cole.


$15.00 Media Mail; $18.00 Priority Mail; $21.00 Canada; $26.00 Europe; $27.00 Pacific



Includes: KNEE‑TREMBLER by H.G.- ("You have three days leave.  Make good use of them"  said Cowley as he finally dismissed them. Fierce green eyes seared into him.  "We will,"  said Doyle.  His tone insolent, his raking gaze moved to Bodie, who looked away.);

POST‑STAKEOUT by D.V.S - (Between one breath and the next, as I sprawled over my best mate and tried to keep his hot temper from ruining everything, as I babbled explanations to the men who looked down at us in confusion, my whole universe tilted. God knows what I said. I could hear the clatter of pins falling, balls rumbling towards them, I could hear my heart, and his. All I was really aware of were my hands. I touched him places I shouldn't have, but my hands seemed to have moved on their own.);

A RAINY NIGHT IN SOHO by Kitty Fisher - (Raising both hands, palm forwards, Ray stepped back and shook his head, "Bodie, it's only me..." "Only you." Relaxing a fraction, still brittle with tension, Bodie stood motionless; watching his watcher with eyes turned obsidian by the night. To Doyle he looked more enigmatic than the Sphinx. But then he smiled. "Yeah, it's only you. Might've known; you've got a nasty habit of turning up whenever I least want to see you.");

INDIGO by Baravan - (A story of Bodie in Africa).  

Also, stories by Joan Enright, Nina Boal and Natasha Barry. Limericks by Emily Ross. Art by Mozart and Anja Gruber.  Color Cover by Caren Parnes.


$13.00 Media Mail; $16.00 Priority Mail; $19.00 Canada; $24.00 Europe; $25.00 Pacific



An all-fantasy/Alternate Universe Pros zine, edited by Nina Boal (OTP Press).


OTHER TIMES AND PLACES  # 1 contains stories by Ellis Ward, Jane, Stew, and Susan Douglass. Art by TACS, Pat Cash and Adrian Morgan.  176 pages. 


$21.00 Media Mail, $24.00 Priority Mail; $27.00 Canada; $32.00 Europe; $33.00 Pacific


contains stories by Jane, Ellis Ward and Stew.  Art by TACS, Pat Cash & Adrian Morgan.  196 pages. 


$21.00 Media Mail, $24.00 Priority Mail; $27.00 Canada; $32.00 Europe; $33.00 Pacific


contains stories by Alys, Joan Enright, Jane, Baravan, Susan Douglass, Jane Mailander, Jean Lamb, Lily Fulford, Barbara T. , Shoshanna.   Art by TACS, Baravan, Pat Cash, Adrian Morgan.  276 pages.


$27.00 Media Mail; $30.00 Priority Mail; $33.00 Canada; $38.00 Europe; $39.00 Pacific


contains stories by Jane Mailander, Jane, Dee, Gena, Karen Eaton.  Art by TACS.  200 pages. 


$21.00 Media Mail, $24.00 Priority Mail; $27.00 Canada; $32.00 Europe; $33.00 Pacific


contains stories by Joan Enright, Jane, Jane Mailander, DVS,  Color cover by TACS.  152 pages.


$19.00 Media Mail; $22.00 Priority Mail; $25.00 Canada; $30.00 Europe; $32.00 Pacific


contains stories by Gena, Jane, OJ, Mandy, Jane Mailander.  Color cover.  90 pages. 


$12.00 Media Mail; $15.00 Priority Mail; $18.00 Canada; $23.00 Europe; $24.00 Pacific


THE PROS THEME ZINE Volume I - 271 pages


Collection of 5 zines “Coming From Behind", "Open All Night", "Over the Top",  "Right Down to the Belt", and "In The Lift".


            COMING FROM BEHIND: One Heart by Sharon Fetter; Guilty Pleasures by Too Loose; Behind and Again by M.A. Calhoon; Beautiful Black by Ann; Coming From Behind & Winning by Kris Brown; Timothy by Too Loose.

            OPEN ALL NIGHT: Old Man's Fantasy by DVS; Valentine's Day by Sharon Fetter; Shirt Tales V by Meg Lewton; Shirt Tales VI by Meg Lewton.

            OVER THE TOP:   Approval by M.A. Calhoon; Death Us Do Part by Too Loose.

            RIGHT DOWN TO THE BELT: Ordinary, Every Day Things by Kris Brown; Lovers’ Quarrel by Elaine Holden; Turnabout - story by Noel Silva, written by Kris Brown; Getting Right Down To It by Shoshanna Green; Speaking in Tongues by Susan Douglass; Hors de Combat by Elara Hall; For Baby & Me by Lily Fulford.

            IN THE LIFT: In the Lift by Sirena; Thank You by Ellis Ward; An Uplifting Opportunity by Kris Brown; A Dream is a Wish by Lily Fulford; Beyond Acceptance by M.A. Calhoon; Dark Secrets by Sharon Fetter.


$24.00 Media Mail; $27.00 Priority Mail; $30.00 Canada; $35.00 Europe; $36.00 Pacific

THE PROS THEME ZINE Volume II - 360 pages


Collection of 3 zines “Slippery When Wet", "Across the Table" and "Up Against The Wall."


            SLIPPERY WHEN WET:  Slippery… Wet or Dry by M.A. Calhoun; Something New - Patt (poem); Gifts by Kris Brown; Drifting - Patt (poem); Kissing With Confidence by H.G.; Hot - Patt (poem); Ship of Fools by Too Loose.TWAS THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS by Too Loose.

           ACROSS THE TABLE: Separate Tables by MCK; Breakthru by Andrea McKay; Evolution by Ann; Future Tense by Sharon Fetter; Under Surveillance by Ellis Ward; To Tell The Truth by Too Loose; Across and Under The Table by Kris Brown; Summer in the City by Lily Fulford.

         UP AGAINST THE WALL: Farewell, Miami Vice by Meg Lewton; Against the Wall by GC; Fulfillment by Diva; Danger by Lily Fulford; Consequences of the Job by Kris Brown; El Muro Depiedra Des Trescientos Amantes (The Stone Wall of 300 Lovers) by MCK; Quiet Efforts by Shoshanna ; White Swallow by Mozart; Kink by Courtney Grey; Any Port in the Storm by Too Loose; Fly on the Wall by Lezlie Shell; Cocktale by Gavin Blue; Gay Paree by Randi O. Toad.


$30.00 Media Mail; $34.00 Priority Mail; $37.00 Canada; $46.00 Europe; $47.00 Pacific




A Novel by Susan Douglass.  90 pages.  Cover by TACS.

Ray Doyle finds himself an outcast, separated from everything he ever knew.  This novel is set in the 80s and deals with AIDS and gay activism.


$12.00 Media Mail; $15.00 Priority Mail; $18.00 Canada; $23.00 Europe; $24.00 Pacific



A PROFESSIONALS Slash Novel by Amanda Warrington. Post "Discovered in a Graveyard".  Bodie and Doyle are assigned surveillance on a Member of Parliament who is having an affair with another man, which forces them into examining their feelings for each other.  But complications in their case and their lives set the stage for misunderstanding and reconciliation...  Color cover by Caren Parnes.


$13.00 Media Mail; $16.00 Priority Mail; $18.00 Canada; $19.00 Europe; $20.00 Pacific


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